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How Product Packaging Influences Customer Behaviour

Product packaging has a significant influence on customer behaviour. From the moment a consumer sees a product, the packaging is the first thing they interact with. It can determine whether a consumer picks up the product or moves on to the next one. At Crafted Box co., we know it’s important for businesses to understand how product packaging can influence customer behaviour. This blog will explain how you can use branded product packaging to your advantage.

The overall appearance and design of your branded craft beer packaging should be visually appealing and grab the consumer’s attention. You can easily do this with colours, fonts, and graphics that are eye-catching and relevant to your craft beer brand. Make your packaging consistent with the branding and image of the company.

Consumers are more likely to purchase a product if the packaging is easy to open, store, and use. So make sure your craft beer packaging is practical and convenient. Is it easy to carry? What makes the most sense for a person storing these in their fridge? Packaging that is difficult to open or use can be frustrating for consumers. Always keep it simple! 

Packaging can also influence consumer behaviour through marketing techniques. Your craft beer packaging can convey information about the product, like its benefits and features. This information will help consumers make an informed decision about the product and influence their purchasing decision. 

One of our favourite features to display on our packaging is sustainability. Sustainability is becoming a big influence on customer behaviour. Consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious and are looking for products that are packaged in a sustainable way. Packaging made from recycled materials or that is easily recyclable can be a selling point for some consumers. Make sure you check out our non-plastic, 100% environmentally-friendly paperboard folding carton options. 

In addition to influencing the consumer’s initial decision to purchase a product, packaging can also influence their post-purchase behaviour. For example, if the packaging is high quality and visually appealing, it can encourage the consumer to keep the product on display, leading to increased brand exposure.

From the design and appearance of the packaging to its practicality and sustainability, these factors can all impact a consumer’s decision to purchase a product. Understanding how packaging can influence customer behaviour is crucial for businesses looking to market their products and increase sales effectively. 

Packaging should never be overlooked in the craft beer industry. If you want to learn more about your packaging options, contact us today for a free quote. 

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