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How Eco-Friendly Packaging Can Increase Profits

Don’t overlook this one critical strategy to increase profits: eco-friendly packaging. 

Recently, there is a huge increase in demand for brands and consumers to “go green.” Consumers especially are demanding higher standards of sustainability from brands. 

At Crafted Box Co., we agree, it’s about time to proritize the plant’s health with eco-friendly choices. 

What is Sustainable Packaging? 

Sustainable packaging is any type of eco-friendly material used to wrap, store, ship or shelve products. At Crafted Box Co., we use recycled paperboard. 

This type of packaging has less of an environmental impact than traditional materials for the duration of it’s life cycle. These factors are measured from:

  • The source of the material 
  • The production process
  • How it’s disposed of

Why Sustainable Packaging is Important and How You Can Increase Profits

Consumers are realizing their purchasing power and consciously making an effort to buy from companies with similar values. That’s why it’s important to include eco-frienly policies in your brand’s identity. 

We know that packaging matters in the retail world. It’s your first impression — and what makes your brand stand out. Including environmentally-friendly packaing and other practices in your brand will engage your audience and build trust. Great packaging influences: 

  • The perception of your brand 
  • Likelyhood of ordering again
  • Whether/what customers tell their network about your brand

Sustainable packaging helps values-centric businesses in customer retention and acquisition. It’s a great way to make a difference for the planet and get more sales over time. 

The great news is that sustainable packaging usually ends up costling less in the long run. It uses less materials and is becoming more cost-effective as eco-friendly packaging solutions evolve over time. 

Responsible consumers are on the rise, which increases the demand for brands to use sustainable packaging. Over time, more companies will make the switch to eco-friendly packaging and decrease the demand for unsustainable material. That means more money invested into recyclable materials and less into disposable packing, which will bring the cost of sustainable packaging down even further! 

What You Can Do Now

Respond to the demand for sustainable packaging.

Using eco-friendly packaging is becoming a need in acquiring new customers and leveling-up your brand. 

Switch to packaging you can feel good about.

At Crafted Box Co., our cartons are made with environmentally-friendly recycled paperboard. All of our products are 100% recyclable.

Make your brands ecological vision and values clear. 

Tell your customers you care about the environment and make eco-friendly choices — like recyclable packaging! 

Avoid mixing recyclable and non-recyclable materials

Unfortunately, the recycling process is very complex and only a small percentage of what we recycle is actually turned into other materials. A big reason for the disposal of products is when the materials are a mix of recyclable and non-recyclable materials. They can be too time consuming to sort, or difficult to separate. So, while some companies claim to use eco-friendly packaging, using a mixture of materials can actually allow some recycled materials to hit the landfill. Verify the packaging materials are 100% recyclable before you purchase them! 

Reduce the materials you use

Custom packaging cuts out the need for adding any extras to your packaging — which also saves you money! 

Crafted Box Co. makes carton packaging customized to your brand. Take up more shelf space and increase your share of the market with unique and interesting packaging.
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