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Why Small Businesses Need Custom Packaging

Custom packaging is the best way to get your product noticed as a small business owner. 

When you are competing against national brands, large displays, and several competitors, it becomes increasingly difficult to gain the attention you are looking for. 

Customized packaging allows you to: 

  • Build your brand
  • Highlight product benefits 
  • Give a great first impression 
  • Attract attention 

We’re going to outline points you should know about custom packaging for small businesses, how to get the best results, and why custom packaging is important. 

Why Custom Packaging is Important 

We know what you are thinking: you don’t have the same budget for packaging as big corporations. It’s stressful to worry about minimum order quantities, finding the right shape and size of your boxes and dealing with shipping.

We have good news! You can still get custom packaging and compete with the “big guys” when you make smart custom packaging choices. 

Your custom packaging will help: 

  • Boost sales 
  • Improve brand recognition
  • Make your products stand out 

Here’s how to get the most value in investing in custom packaging: 

Design with the Customer in Mind

Tune into your target market. What do they like? How do they want to feel? Pinpoint their demographics like age, gender, socioeconomic levels and education to figure out their motivation and design for them. 

This goes for all business decisions, but it’s especially important in packaging design. After all, it’s how you are going to attract your ideal customers. 

Understanding your customers’ wants and interests will help shape your packaging design. Are they eco-conscious? Do they prefer bright, bold colours or warm neutrals? These choices will resonate with your customers and attract them to your product.

Showcase Your Brand With Custom Sizing

Custom packaging is the best way to get full exposure for your brand on the shelves. 

Get control of your brand style and sizing of your packaging when you choose custom packaging or try one of our most popular folding paper carton pack sizes in both 473ml/16oz 8packs and 355ml/12pk options. You could even go big with our impressive 15pk and 24pk options.

Standard sizes we offer are: 

  • 355ml 6pk
  • 355ml 12pk
  • 355ml 15pk
  • 355ml 24pk
  • 355ml Slim 4pk, 6pk, 8pk, 12pk
  • 473ml 4pk
  • 473ml 8pk
  • 473ml 12pk
  • 473ml 15pk

Crafted Box Co has solutions and products for hand packing, auto-filling setups, and promotional items.

Make a Lasting Impression

Take advantage of having a blank canvas for you to highlight your brand in the best way possible. 

Since your craft beer packaging could be the first interaction your customer will have with your beer it’s important to connect with your audience with the right shape, colours, text and graphics. 

When you choose the team at Crafted Box Co., you will enjoy industry-leading turnaround times, competitive pricing, and monthly production runs to keep your brand on the shelves and in front of your customers.

Get the results you’ve been looking for with custom packaging from Crafted Box Co. Contact us here for a free quote. 

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