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Our Eco-Friendly Solution to Canada’s Ban on Plastic Rings

Available shortly, Crafted Box Co (CBC) has paper-based four- and six-pack rings as an eco-friendly and cost-effective replacement for plastic six-pack rings. 

The Canadian government has set 2030 as the target date to ban single-use plastic waste like straws, stir sticks, takeout containers, grocery bags, cutlery and six-pack rings used to hold cans and bottles together.

Plastic six-pack rings are largely not curbside recyclable, despite manufacturers’ marketing claims. The multi-laminents have different plastics fused together, which makes them too difficult to separate and recycle. People also tend to cut up the rings to prevent creatures from becoming trapped, but this also created issues for companies trying to recycle: it makes the pieces too small to sort. 

“We will be one of the first companies out there to use paper-based, fully recyclable six- and four-packs rings,” says Tyler Spencer, Sales Executive of Crafted Box Co. “There is a huge shift in demand in the beverage industry for eco-friendly products and we are working ahead to ensure our supply will meet their needs.” 

We offer a printed as well as plain version of these rings. Unlike their plastic counterparts, these rings are fully recyclable. The paper rings can be applied by hand — though the CBC team is working on an applicator to make the process even easier. 

The advantage of using plastic-loop packaging was the cheap price and the light weight for shipping, but the beverage industry, and the paper industry, understand the need to do better for the environment, and that customers want recyclable packaging. 

With the craft beer industry exploding in the last two years, paper rings offer a ton of advantages to small to medium-sized craft breweries. 

Shipping Costs

APB can ship 20 thousand rings on a palette, compared to 4-5 thousand boxes. The rings are a lot lighter than boxes, which additionally brings your shipping costs down. 

Variety Packs 

Since these rings can easily be applied by hand, people can conveniently create their own variety packs, incentivizing them to choose qualities of four or six kinds of craft beer. They are easy to grab and go! 


Recently, we are seeing the thought and care that goes into the design of each can. These rings allow your can to be prominently displayed wherever the customer takes their beverages. 

Price Point

Our prices are competitive and our central Canadian location gives us an advantage when shipping nationally and internationally. 

An additional advantage is sustainability. Crafted Box Co sources all of its paper from North America. 

“It’s a very sustainable industry,” says Tyler. “Nobody plants more trees than the paper industry. We are very conscious about where we get our papers and we try to stay in line with what the world wants to do.” 

APB already has pre-orders for hundreds of thousands of paper rings. 

While Canadian companies have more of an urgent deadline than the United States, APB is still seeing major international brands commit to greener packaging while plastic six-pack rings become a thing of the past. 

If you would like more information on our eco-friendly rings, or to make an order contact us at

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